Risking Connection® Online.
Every moment is as good as the in-person experience.



We know what it takes to learn Risking Connection®. So we created the master learning map. Wrote the dramatic story of the Bolton family you'll meet. Thought about what you would need to master the content. Applied the latest in educational technology. Aligned that with the learning map. Made sure it's easy, engaging, and more accessible.

The result? An exciting learning experience that helps you master the core teachings of Risking Connection®,and more. If you choose, you can add on other RC experiences to increase the learning, like:

  • Purchasing the 200-plus page book as part of your learning package
  • Requesting a conference call with Sidran’s course facilitators, or
  • Incorporating the online learning as an extension of the instructor led training to help you get new staff on board and increase retention and adoption.
  • Having us help you build a mentoring process for you to use with your staff, incorporating the online learning as well as guided discussion sheets that also integrate the book.

Or, you might still want instructor-led training. Bring us to your agency and let us help you extend your learning with the Boltons’ story!. Either way – online, in person or a combination, you win. It's learning that reduces the time, ordeal and cost of healing for everyone.

The learning? Great. The learning supports? More than you can imagine: handouts, reusable forms, cases with feedback, individual feedback, built in natural assessments, teleconferences to support... You.

Risking Connection online training is currently unavailable

Who Can use Risking Connection Online?

Mental Health Clinicians – county mental health systems, private practice clinicians, public and private counseling agencies, psychiatric hospitals, addiction and substance abuse treatment programs.

Public Welfare Workers – such as adoption and foster care workers, and child protective services.

Medical Schools

Child Serving Organizations – residential care programs, early childhood education, foster care organizations, youth development associations.

Faith Communities – pastoral counselors, churches with disaster assistance programs, denominational headquarters, ministerial associations.

Educators – special education, counselors, teachers who are aware of impact events on the brain.


Big savings

  • 90 days of 24x7 online access – no travel involved ($$$!)
  • No missing work for rescheduling appointments
  • Discounts for groups of ten or more
  • Regular teleconferences about each topic at multiple times

Learner-centered design

  • Engaging storyline: a family you could know
  • Immersive process: keeps you engaged
  • On-demand learning: when you want it
  • Learning supports: to help cement your learning
  • Takeaway tools: for use later on
  • Cost effective: where you learn is up to you

Rave reviews

  • "Amazing – this rocks!"
  • "Easy to use"
  • "Able to apply it immediately"
  • "Loved the takeaways and resources"